Fees include a complete assembled application package, with instructions about: how to print; where to sign; how to get a notary; and where to send each package.  Prices are for a single certification process, with reduced prices for additional application packages.

Service Fees

Register for a free fifteen minute evaluation.  We'll give you our best estimate on total price. General certification consulting services are available through in person, web or phone conferencing. There is a minimum billing of ½ hour for teleconferencing/web-conferencing; 2 hours for on-site local conferences; 8 hours for on-site plus expenses more than 100 miles from certification consultant's home base and 50% billing rate charge for travel time in excess of 60 minutes. The hourly billing rates are:

  • $250 Master Certification Consultant
  • $195 Senior Certification Consultant
  •   $95 Certification Consultant
  •   $75 Associate Certification Consultant
  • $175 Package Review
  • $300 Legal document review (by qualified attorney!)

Travel expenses are billed separately.

A simple package review is the physical review of certain documents, specifically any agreements or documents that might imply that you could be restricted in controlling the business requesting certification. The business owner requests the review grants temporary confidential privileges to an Abator representative.

The business owner can request a legal review of his/her organizing documents, such as: corporate by-laws; articles of incorporation; partnership, management or franchise agreements; etc. Review of these documents by competent legal advisors will alert you to any problems you might have in meeting the rules about control.  Making sure the documents pass legal review could eliminate potential rejection.  The legal reviewer will make recommendations in a report, and if the lawyer isn't authorized to practice in your state, will provide a specific list of items/questions for you to get from local legal counsel.  When requesting a legal review, the owner grants temporary confidential privileges to an Abator designated attorney.